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If you’re looking for the best cloud storage provider to backup and manage your video collection, you’ve come to the right place! Throughout this comprehensive article, we’ll explain which cloud storage service to use if your main goal is to back up your videos, depending on your needs and budget.

The first thing that you should bear in mind is that videos are the type of files that take up most space on both your hard disk, as well as in your online storage account. With that in mind, it should be mentioned that the storage space offered by cloud storage services, and the max file size limit are the two most important elements to consider when deciding to back up your video collection online.

Free Cloud Storage For Managing Your Video Collection

If you don’t want to spend any money for uploading your videos online via a cloud storage provider, your options are severely limited as only a small number of companies offer free cloud storage. Even when you do find such a service, the amount of free storage will most likely be insufficient to back up your entire video collection in one place.

Also, when deciding to go for a free cloud storage account, you should bear in mind that some providers offer free storage for a limited time period only. Obviously, you should avoid such services (like SugarSync) as you probably don’t want to lose your video collection when your account gets deleted.

Two of the cloud storage providers in our database offer 2GB free accounts with no file size limit, namely DropBox and Mozy. Please note that DropBox allows users to gain more free storage by referring friends and performing various other tasks. Microsoft’s Skydrive tops both DropBox and Mozy in terms of free cloud storage: it offers 7GB of free cloud storage but limits the max file size to 2GB.

As anything less than 10GB is probably not nearly enough to upload your video collection (even after sorting your video collection to include only videos that are most important), it is recommended that you sign up for free accounts with Google Drive (offers 15GB of free storage with a 10GB file size limit) and Mega(offers 50GB of free storage).

By combining Google Drive and Mega you get a total of 65GB of free cloud storage. Sure, you’ll have to deal with the major drawback of using two separate services, but it’s the best free method that we can think of for uploading your videos to the cloud.

Please note that while Mega does offer a whole lot of free storage, the service has yet to mature. Up to this point, a large number of users report a problematic upload process for large files, as well as poor transfer rates.

Cheap cloud storage for your videos

If you find that you’re willing to pay for online storage to handle your videos, but still want to spend as little money as possible, JustCloud is the service you should be subscribing to.

JustCloud offers the cheapest plan currently available in the market, namely 75GB. You get a fault-free cloud storage service that also throws in the ability to share your videos with other people, scheduled backups of your computer, as well as the ability to access your files/videos from a remote location.

Best unlimited cloud storage service for your video collection

Now that we’ve discovered the best service to upload your videos to the cloud for free, as well as the best cheap cloud storage, it is time to discuss which is the absolute best cloud storage provider for your videos. Out from the start, we’d like to state that, given the large space that videos usually occupy, we recommend that you go for an unlimited storage account.

Same as with the cheap cloud storage provider section, JustCloud wins the crown in this category as well. JustCloud offers unlimited cloud storage. You only get 100GB of cloud storage space with similar services such as DropBox.

JustCloud vs Carbonite

Note: some of our readers might indicate that Carbonite offers unlimited storage, and that is absolutely true. However, Carbonite does not allow you to share your videos with family and friends. Your personal preferences will surely vary, but we consider that a video collection is meant to be shared with other people, so this is why we’d suggest using JustCloud over Carbonite. On the other hand, if you’re going for the cheapest unlimited method, Carbonite is our top recommendation.

One additional element to consider is the fact that, while JustCloud will charge a fee for automatically uploading files that are bigger than 1GB, Carbonite will handle files of up to 4GB in size automatically. You can upload videos larger than 4GB with Carbonite, but you’ll have to do so manually. JustCloud has a max file size limit of 10GB for manually-uploaded files.

One major advantage that JustCloud holds over Carbonite (especially in the context of constantly downloading and uploading large video files) is represented by generally faster transfer rates.

Fortunately, both JustCloud and Carbonite offer two weeks of free trials so that you can test drive the services. If you plan on uploading all your videos to a single provider, we advise that you spend these two weeks of free trial carefully, and decide for yourself which is the best option.


To sum things up, these are our recommendations:

  • If you want free cloud storage for your videos, try a combination of Google Drive and Mega.
  • If you want the cheap online storage, we’d recommend the 75GB plan at JustCloud.
  • If you want unlimited cloud storage to handle all of your videos into a single place and be able to share it, we’d recommend that you sign up for JustCloud’s unlimited plan.
  • If you’re interested in getting unlimited cloud backup for your video at an ultra-cheap price, choose Carbonite.

What do you guys think of our recommendations? Which is the best cloud storage service for video?